Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for God's timing and my friend Janice.

As some of you may know I am reading the book and doing the workbook "Lose It For Life" by Stephen Arterburn, M.Ed. the book is the total solution for permanent weight loss though Christ. As I completed week one the book warns it would get painful. I guess I didn't realize how soon.

Yesterday I was answering or trying to answer the questions: list 5 positive and 3 negative thing about yourself. Well my list of negative was long but I listed only 3. I could think of so many negative about myself. Ouch. I was having a hard time coming up with 5 positive and hubby was sitting in the next room and I thought I'll ask him because sometime we don't see it but others can. Well hubby could only come up with one thing. OUCH! I can't be that bad. Then our youngest daughter thought it was fun to list her view of the negative. I couldn't take this so I got up left the room to email a friend at work for encouragement. She is doing the book too.

As I sat at my computer typing and the tears are rolling down my face the phone rings. At first I wasn't going to answer it. I am so glad I did. It was Janice who now lives in Maine. Janice use to live here in PA and was part of a bible study with us. Janice became more than just a friend during her stay in PA she became a mentor to me. It was so good to here Janice's voice. Her first questions " I'm calling to find out how you are doing?" I told her I just had a bad moment. We talked and my spirits were lifted. When we hung up I went back to my workbook and completed it in no time.

To hubby's credit he did mention some positive things later. I caught him off guard with asking the question and then our daughter's negative points though him off track.

So I am so thankful today for God's timing and Janice. I sure do love and miss her.

Don't forget today is the last day to name the kitten. If you pick the winning name I'll give you a new copy of Beth Moore's book praying scripture. If no one picks the name I'll toss all names into the bowl and drawl a name randomly. Pictures of the new kitten can be seen on an older post.


Kathy said...

Thank God for the Janices in all our lives. What a great blessing to have a friend like that. said...

We all need a friend like her! Please don't be so hard on yourself!

You always cheer me up when you come by to visit me and lift my spirits up!! Thanks for praying for me too!!! I sure need it as I try to get my health issues under control!

You are a good prayer warrior, a thoughtful daughter, a good Mother, A good wife, and a great friend in blogland!!! Love and hugs, Grams