Friday, June 13, 2008

Family Friday

So much has happen this past week at my house. First I'd like you all to meet Milo. No one has sugested this name I came up with it one night. So I tossed all the names into a hat and asked my daugter to drawl a name. Congrualations to Kathie S. I will get the book Praying God's Word to you this week end.
Milo who is 2 1/2 months old joined our family last night. All the humans in the house are delighted with him. Kace (our dog) who knows she is queen of the house seems to be fine with Milo. Fred and Wil are a different story. Those two cats don't want to share the house with a kitten. Fred hid most of the day and has hissed a lot. Wil just isn't sure what he wants but he doesn't want anything to do with a kitten. My daughter said it is because Fred and Wil are all black and well you see Milo is all white.
The next new thing in our house is my laptop. I now have my dad's laptop. It is only about a year old. It will bring wonderful memories to me every day. This is special. With this being the first Father's Day without my dad I'm feeling it. Dad loved rose. So for Father's Day this year I am buying and planting a rose bush at my house in honor of his memory. My Dad loved his rose bushes. To top my emotional week off I called mom yesterday and she wasn't home I got their machine. It is dad's voice. That brought the tears that haven't been around for awhile.
Our son is working long and hard. We don't see much of him even with him living at home this summer.
Our youngest spends time outside tanning and is still hoping to find a job. She was shook to see gas is $4.05. She hasn't used her car much since May so she doesn't use much gas.
Little Ryan is now 4 months old. He is growing so fast. I can't wait to see him again. Nikki says he is rolling over now.

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Denise said...

hello girl... I love the name Milo it is a cute name.... it is a wonderful gift that you have your Dad's laptop..... What memories you will have with that.. and hearing your Dad's voice would have been hard ........ I pray that you have a great weekend and enjoy those kitties.........