Saturday, June 7, 2008

Name The Kitten

I will give a new copy of Beth Moore's "Praying God's Word" to the one who comes up with the name for our new kitten. Yes you may email the name to me if you don't leave comments on blogs or use the name anonymous
See yesterdays blog for the pictures and story of the new kitten.


Denise said...

Tuxedo.... A pure white cat...... Tuxedo!

Have a great Sunday.......

Mark B. said...

Scooter! It looks like a Scooter!
You need to feed Scooter because Scooter looks a little skinny.
By the way, your daughter has nice white teeth. Almost as white as Scooter the kitten.

Sandi said...

Here are a few names people contacted me with.
Keep Mazy any way the kitten won't know.

C-A-T say it fast and it almost sounds like Sadie. I have a friend who named their Dog d-o-g.

Colleen gave to spainish names but not too sure about them. I kind of like to know what I'm saying.

Sandi said...

I just receive another name. "Able" This person thought Abominable Snowman. But thought Able would go over better