Friday, June 6, 2008

Name The Kitten

Since I was a little girl I collected white cat figurines. I am finally getting a real white Kitten to add to my collection. I was hoping to get a girl and name her Mazy. However the girl kitten was not friendly. She bite and hissed at us. We tried to hold her but she would let us. As we were trying to make friends with her, her brother came up to my daughter and started licking her fingers. The boy kitten left us hold him a long time. So as you can guess we decided to go with the boy kitten. I guess that means I need a new name or can I keep Mazy?

I am asking my blogging friends to help me pick a new name. There will be a prize involve. The one who suggest the winning name will receive something. I'll post what tomorrow. I have to think about it. Please don't suggest names like cotton, cloudy, snowflake or snowball. We are not look to name the kitten after something white. Now here are two pictures of the kitten. I need the name Thursday when I go back to pick him up.

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