Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Day 2

Arm is not getting better. I guess it is my thorn in the side this year. The other thorn is we have on hot water for showers in my room. I sure could use a hot shower.

Well today I started the day at 5:15 I thought my clock read 6:15 so I jumped out of bed and got dressed started my tea and noticed it was only 5:20. By 5:40 I was out with my walk and talk with God.

This morning was Bible school. We had our video problems but we went with the flow.

Here are few pictures from this morning.

Crafts - fish necklaces

Bible Story Time

The Kids

We had 42 kids today. We learned to "Be Obedient" We had one girl who cried all day last year and this year she knows her bible. What a joy to hear this.

Then we all gather and have lunch with the kids. After lunch the kids went home and for some the construction time begin for others it continued. I took that time to prepare for tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Praying for the team. Makes ones day when you hear of the planted seed from last year has grown and may just plant more seeds. God's work is awesome.