Tuesday, June 24, 2008

God is Awesome. I just love the way God works. He has His plans and they are not my plans.

This morning we get to VBS and I say to Kris I don't like the opening DVD. (I liked it for the last month why I didn't like it today I had no idea at that time.) I told her to be prepared I'm not showing it and just "winging it " as the saying goes. Todays Be aditude was "Be Kind" and I was going to have her being unkind and to just go with it. Being unkind is a sin. So we went to talking about who we all sin and if we confess our sin, ask forgiveness and tell God we know he died for us on the cross and we want would like to invite him into our lives. (Now as I am saying all this my brain is saying "God this is Thursday's lesson, you do know it is only Tuesday). We had 8 children raise their hands and come forward to meet with staff and invite Jesus in to their Lives. God is so good!!! We are giving Him the glory and praise. This also means I have to rewrite Thursday opening. I still have to look over what they want me to do for children's church on Wednesday night. Please be praying for me and our new friends who will join us in Heaven.


SharonB said...

Hey Sandi! Just got caught up on your time there. So glad things are going well...

We continue to pray

Mark B. said...

Way to let the Holy Spirit work through you!

Mark B.