Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Day 1

My day started at 5:30 AM. I never sleep well the first night away. So I got up and took a cold shower (they say they will fix our hot water tomorrow). Then from 6:00-6:30 God and I took a walk together to pray about the day. On the walk I made friends with a momma cat and her two kittens. (yes I'm a cat lover). Came back to the room and hubby was up so we did our devotions together for the day. 7:30 was breakfast.

After Breakfast we had a cultural meeting. To learn what the people around here are like. Most are related. (We are minutes from Sago WV where the mining disaster happen in Feb. of 2006.) The people here are mostly on welfare and inter family marriage is common.

After that meeting we had a meeting on sharing the gospel to children. This year God has put it on my heart to be sure every child in VBS hears how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I did some research and passed the info on to our assistant pastor and he gave a mini talk from my notes.

Then it was off to church with locals. What a great time of fellowship and meeting up with friends again. After the service we had fried chicken dinner at the church. The food here is really good. Just before we ate, myself and two of the other gals went with a few of the men to see the house they are building for a family who lost their home in a fire. We got to meet the family too.

By 2:00 it was time for my VBS meeting and get the room ready for the kids tomorrow. We then came back to the dorms at 4:30 dinner was at 5:30. We eat in the college cafeteria. The food is good but the desserts are the best. In the evening we had a large group bible study and some awesome music. This year we are studying Nehemiah.

Back to the dorms and I reviewed my lesson for tomorrow had a friend over for tea and cookies. Then to gals leading the songs came over to practice with the DVD. So now it is 10:30 and I will get ready and hopefully get to bed by 11:00

My highlight today is meeting Missy and Neil they are from Atlanta. They are couple that joined our group of 52. I really am looking forward to working with them.

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