Friday, May 30, 2008

Life In The Fast Lane

I can't believe it is Friday night and I haven't gotten to my blog friend or posting all week. It has been a busy week. Last Saturday was my niece's college graduation party. I had lot of fun visiting with relatives. Sunday was church, dealing with my vacuum cleaner. A long story I won't bore you with. The Bible study at night. Monday we left early to visit with friends. They wanted to start the holiday with making breakfast for us. Hubby and Son helped lay stone for a patio. I got to visit with my friend. We watched our men and got sun burn. Tuesday was back to work and I had to do my Monday cleaning. Then a softball game at night. We won. Yeah! Wednesday along with watching the boys I had to shop for our mission trip VBS crafts and do some more paper work for the trip. Thursday I again had the boys and went shopping for something to wear to a family wedding this week end. I hope to remember the camera and I'll post picture of the outfit. Then it was back to working on things for the mission trip. We leave in 3 weeks. We had another softball game and won. Yeah.
That brings me back to today. How fast a week can go.

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Sharon Brumfield said...

Goodness girl remember to take some time during your busy schedule to be quiet.
I know you have got to be so excited about your trip. We leave Saturday for our first conference in TX.
We will be gone a little over a week and I am looking forward to time away from here.
Praying for you.