Friday, May 23, 2008

Family Friday

Today is Hubby and my 27th Anniversary. We were married on Memorial Day week end all those years ago. The interesting thing is when I was at mom's yesterday I saw on the wall a clock we got here and Dad for their 30th anniversary when my siblings and I gave them a party. I think I'm almost there and I didn't think that party was that long ago.

A memory from our wedding to share, let see....... Oh I know when hubby and I went forward to light the unity candle. When it was time to blow out our individual candles hubby couldn't blow his out. Then he tried wetting his finger to put it out. That didn't work either so I leaned over and blew out his candle.

What else is going on in the family?

Amanda still needs to find a job.
Nikki, Steve and Ryan had pictures done at JC Penny today.
Our son continues to work hard and we don't see much of him.
Mom called hubby, her rental property had a leaky pipe to fix. So we went there last night so hubby could do some repair.

That sums up what is going on in our lives this week.


Sharon Brumfield said...

Happy Anniversary!
You are a few years ahead of us but time does fly doesn't it?
It is good that your Mom has a rental property to help out--Mom and Dad have one too. He had to do some plumbing work just the other day. It is good to have handy men in our lives. Keith is just like Dad--he can fix anything.
Have a great weekend....don't eat too much. ;) said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a good one!!
That was so neat the other day when you were able to take your Mom shoping and enjoy each other! Have a nice weekend! Love and hugs Grams

Kathy said...

A belated happy anniversary! I've been married 27 years also.

Denise said...

Happy Anniversary! The years do fly by don't they......... and Yuck I hate plumbing problems...... My sweet DH can do most anything but the plumbing??? We just call a plumber

Have a happy and safe Holiday.....

Mark B. said...

Belated Happy Anniversary to you and "Hubby." I'm sure he never forgets your anniversay since it is on Memorial Day.