Friday, April 11, 2008

Family Friday

It is Friday and I'm so glad. Here is my family update.

Amanda is having a mini break. They got 2 extra days off this year. She is also looking for a summer job right now.

Hubby been busy with work at Mom's and Dad's house. They have so much work for him to do. Church softball officially start tomorrow.

Our son is busy finishing his year at school. He will be home the beginning of May. Then he will be playing softball too.

Nikki, Steve and Ryan are doing good. Ryan had his first baby shots. They had a rough day but he is fine now.

Dad's swelling has gone down but the wounds have not healed yet. Mom is getting upset with him because he keeps eating things he is not allow to. I am learning caring for aging parents takes patience and lots of time.

I had a full week at Curves now and I seem to have so much energy. I need it to.


Denise said...

I am praying for all of you. said...

Hi Sandi, I see you did the Meme! That was fun reading it! This is neat that you are feeling better going to Curves! Love and hugs Grams

SharonB said...

hummm...more engery. I need that too!