Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Situations

I didn't do a Family Friday and I know Mark would be asking soon so I'll do a Saturday Situation.

I've been really enjoying this week. I have spent more time in the Word this week then I have for awhile. I am doing studies on words and maybe sometime in the future I will write about them. I am also really enjoying my cats this week. They are spending more time with me. You will understand why when you read what Amanda is up to. I am looking forward to spring weather. Yes we had a few warm days but with the extra light at night I am ready to start my nightly walks again. I did start when I take the little boy to afternoon preschool. I come home get the dog and go for a walk. Last night our church had a Ladies Comedy Cafe. I don't remember when I laughed so much. If you get a chance rent the video Purse-onality with Anita Renfroe. Highly recommended.

Hubby is better. Thanks for your prayers. He now has the "tail end" of a sinus infection. He also went back to work after being off for 9 days because of vacation time. He was so nice this week. He went and sat with my dad so mom could have a day to shop. She really needed that.

Our son headed back to college to finish his sophomore year. He will be back in May. I'm sure that time will come quickly.

Amanda is house sitting for the people she baby sits for. They have two dogs so she is living at their home while they are gone. Their house is up for sale so when someone wants to come see the house she has to put the dogs in the car and drive around for awhile. My cats miss Amanda. They sleep with her at night and now cry for awhile till they decide I will do and come cuddle with me.

Nikki, Steve and Ryan are doing great. They didn't get to come down on Easter because we didn't want the baby to get sick. We hope to see them real soon.

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Denise said...

Praying for you, and your dad my friend. I love you.