Friday, February 29, 2008

Family Friday.

It is hard to write this because Dad is back in the hospital. He is in the critical care unit this time. Dad's spirits are not good this time either. Mom is so very tired but she won't take time to rest and take care of herself. I just feel like crying not know when the next call might come or if it will. Dad and I have a special bond our birthdays are close so say we want to celebrate from his birthday to mine. This is to be our time of celebrating. I know my birthday wish this year.
Blogger friends please be praying for Dad, Mom and me.

OK on to family news.
Our Dog had went for a hair cut today. The groomer said she was the best she has ever been. You see we gave her medicine this time to calm her nerves first. I usually have to mussel her before turning her over to the groomer. I'll try to get a picture of Kaci and post it soon.

Hubby didn't have a too busy week but he will have a busy day tomorrow. They are calling for snow again. He will have to snow blow 2 neighbors driveway and my parents. He may also be taking mom to the hospital since he has 4 wheel drive.

I had a good week till today. Today things started falling apart. There are some people with an odd view of the world out there. I had a few interesting conversations.

Our son gave me his store list for when he is home on spring break. He wants real food. I don't mind helping him out that way. I often freeze some of our leftovers for him. I hope he remembers my birthday this week. That will just make my week shine.

Amanda still isn't feeling 100% she has had some kind of stomach pain off and on for over 3 months now. Doctors still haven't figured it out. I think maybe she needs to eat 3 balanced meals and not snack all day till dinner.

Nikki, Steve and Ryan are doing good. My birthday wish from them, is to get to see Ryan again. I miss the little guy. I bet he is getting big. They did send new pictures this week.

Well that is my week. Pray for us and I pray for all of them.


Sharon Brumfield said...

Sorry about your Dad. I know that is tough. I will be praying for the three of ya'll.
Happy birthday in advance. I hope your son remembers your Birthday too. It makes it so much more special.

Take care-keep shinning.

Kathy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. I will be praying for him and the family. Is your birthday today? Happy Birthday for whenever it is.

Denise said...

I am so sorry about your dad. I am praying for all of you sweetie.