Friday, January 4, 2008

Family Friday

It is Family Friday. Time for family update.

God has been really speaking to me this week. Even the novel I had been reading turned out to focus on "Be still and Know that I am God." I also chose a new personal verse for this year so look to the left of my blog for this verse. I have also decided to try to memorize Psalms 139:1:10. I don't start small.

Hubby is doing good. He is still doing the vacuuming every day. He start this after my surgery and has continued it for me. He is a great guy. He also says he's living this year by faith instead of works. Isn't that awesome.

Amanda is still not feeling 100% but at least she is keeping the little food she eats down. It has been 5 days now. She has one more week before college starts up again.

Jason doesn't feel that great. I do believe he picked up what his sister has. He hasn't eaten much at all and anyone with college boys know how much they eat.

Nikki and Steve are having lots of cold and snow at there home. Nikki is getting tired of snow. I don't see how that can be so early in the year. They have about 4 weeks till they will be parents.

Mom and Dad are doing good. I helped Dad learn his digital camera this week along with other things on his computer. I'm so glad I have parents close by I can spend time with weekly.


Sharon said...

Hope the kids get well soon and that you are safe from any sharing.:)
The Be Still is such a good theme for me--that is as long as I can keep my mind still. It does like to roam. said...

My daughter Carrie has been sick this week too!! She came up here from old Mexico to visit and picked up a bug!
That is a great verse you have chosen to learn!
Love and Hugs, Grams

Kathy said...

I love the verses! Hope everyone starts feeling better very soon. Your husband vacuums every day? My house is lucky to get vacuumed once every two weeks.

BP said...

Hope everyone is better soon! Hope you're doing well on your verse memorization. said...

I have a lovely award for you at my blog for you to pick up! Love and hugs Grams

Sharon said...

A little something for you on my site. :)

Denise said...

Praying that your family is feeling much better, love you my friend.