Saturday, January 26, 2008

Family Friday The Saturday Story

So it is Saturday and I didn't do Family Friday yesterday. I don't know about you but some days I can't remember what day of the week it is. I was having a second Thursday yesterday. I have lots on my mind I guess.

I'll start with my parents because that is what is mostly on my mind. Dad can't walk right now. He has pain in his hip, knees and say the worst is the bottom of his feet. The very few steps he does take is with a cane and he needs someone next to him the whole time. I was out there for a little bit yesterday. He went to the doctor and they are wondering if it could be the new medicine so they stopped his medicine. I not sure if it is his heart, blood pressure or diabetes medication. John and I will go out and check on him later today.

John worked 6 days in a row this week. He also went to the allergist. They gave him medicine for his sinus and said if that doesn't help he will need surgery again. His sinus are almost completely blocked.

We did hear from our son. School is going fine.

Amanda seems to be getting a handle on getting all her homework finished. She just has so much that is leaves little time for anything else. She too was at the Doctor Monday and is on medicine.

I am the healthy one right now in our home. My cold is gone and I feel great. I was off Monday and went shopping with my aunt. We had fun. We always laught so much.

Nikki and Steve don't have long now till they are parents. The beginning of February is the time. I think they will make great parents and can't wait to hear their stories of having a baby in the house.

So that is our family update. My Saturday Story.

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Hi Sandi, I have awards for you!! You will find the first one at the top and then you will have to scroll on down to the bottom for the last one and I gave every one the "You Make my Day" award so take it too! Love and Hugs Grams

Denise said...

Will be praying for your dad, and your husband.