Monday, January 21, 2008

BABY, I'm On My Knees

There is a baby boom going on right now. I feel like I am in the middle of it.

This morning I went to buy a baby boy gift for a baby shower this week end of a family friend. There are some really cute things out there and then somethings that I just don't know what they are used for. A few years ago I decided when I buy a gift for someone I will pray for that person too that day. So this morning I prayed for this unborn boy. He will be raised in a good christian home with loving Christian parents.

Then this afternoon I went to see my sister-in-law, niece and one week old great nephew. Little Brandon has a ruff start to live. My 20 yr. niece made some poor choices in her life and she will live them the rest of her live but she vows to make the best of it for little Brandon. I got to hold this new little one. He makes me long for the days I can hold my grandson. New babies smell so good. OK they smell good when they have a clean diaper (Mark that comment is for you I heard your voice talking to me about the smelly mess). I've been praying for Brandon that he will grow up and know the Lord and there will be Christians in his life to guide him.

I got home and my youngest daughter comes and tells me her friends brother had his baby yesterday. Our daughter and her best friend both had a sibling expecting a baby with the same due date. OH that means my grandson will be here soon if they had their baby. This little baby girl's parents are not married. Now I'm praying for her too.

This all brings me to my grandson. I am getting like a child waiting for Christmas morning. I know the day is coming but I want it to be here now. The waiting is so hard. I'm praying for this little guy every day. He has two loving parents and two sets of loving grandparents all who are Christians. Does this mean he will have an easier life, no but he will know there are people praying for him every day. I pray for his health, educations, growth in the Lord, future spouse and for him to hear the Lords calling and directions on his life.

I could just keep blogging about my grandson who will join our lives very soon but I think I will go spend some more time praying for him and his parents.


Mark B. said...

It's not the baby. It's the the powder that smells so good. Take it from me. I've powdered up many a bottom.
I used to always say in a baby's voice, "Powder me up, Dad!" as I liberally dumped the powder on the business end.

Sandi said...

I know the smell is not powder as we talked today about how Doctors don't want you using powder anymore. New babies just smell good!

Denise said...

I am praying for your soon to be here precious grandson.

Sharon said...

I know you are excited--his is a blessed little boy already.

Kathy said...

That is so exciting!

SharonB said...

There is nothing like being a will be great!