Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

First off I am thankful for our friends Mark and Donna. They really get me thinking about things some times. I'm thankful I could be praying for Mark's dad heart bi-pass yesterday. I could pray for Mark yesterday too. I will continue to pray for Mark's dad salvation.

Second but very important. I am thankful for my salvation. My life was and is a life with sin. I don't live a perfect life by no means. God knows this and yet loves me so much more than I can even begin to comprehend. God decided early no the penalty for sin is death. You can read about "The Fall" in Genesis 3. But God decided something even more powerful. He will send His son, Jesus to be my redeemer. Jesus came to earth and took my sins with Him to the cross. Now I can have life eternal with God. I am so thankful that God has blessed me in this way.

I still need to daily ask forgive for my sins because God awakens me to sins I need to overcome. I have all the power I need to overcome every sin. The power is in Jesus. Thank you, my Lord.


BP said...

Nice post. I'm thankful for my salvation too. Isn't God's plan for us wonderful!

Linda said...

Hi Sandi,
It's so nice to meet you. Thanks so much for visitng and for your sweet comment and prayer for my Dad.
We just got home from a visit with him and my Mom. Such a precious time. I am so very blessed.
I enjoyed reading your Thankful Thursday post.

Denise said...

Your thankful heart is beautiful.

Sharon said...

I know sometimes I take Him so for granted. I am glad He is patience and mercy.
I am glad I am loved by Him.