Sunday, November 18, 2007

We're Excited.

It is only Nov. 18th and it is snowing here in PA. It has been snowing all day and will continue till about noon tomorrow they say. Some people have been fretting over the snow. Not me I love it! This morning as I was getting ready for church I said to my hubby "Can you imagine what my Sunday School class of preschoolers will be like with snow, they will be so excited." He said yes just as excited as you are.
I think he was wrong it seems I was more excited.

This got me to thinking of things that really get me excited. I'm excited for the holidays and family gatherings. I'm excited when I hear someone new accepted Christ.

But I would say the most excitement in our home right now is the thought of being grandparents soon. There is a little sadness there because our daughter doesn't live close by so we won't see the little one often when she arrives.

I saw the excitement in hubby today. We have friends who will be grandparents soon too and the father-to-be is a close friend of our sons so we know him too. Hubby says "Hi Daddy" to him each week and he says he says "Hi Grandpa" to John. I noticed John's smile is getting bigger and bigger each time someone talks to us about being grandparents. I think once the little arrives his smile will go the whole way around his head (if that was possible). I am just as excited. People asked me 2 or 3 times a week how Nikki is doing and is she getting excited for the baby. Are her and Steve getting the nursery ready? You know the question people always ask. Every time someone asks me about our future grandchild I get bubbly with excitement.

Isn't God awesome the way he gives us all kind of emotions and feelings. I pray daily for this new life our daughter carries and can't wait to meet this little person.


Denise said...

I am so happy for you dear.

Kathy said...

How exciting to have snow! And also to be waiting for the arrival of your grandchild. said...

Kelly loves snow!!!!
I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! We will go down to my son's and his family for the day!
I am thinking of taking a little blogging break!! I will do a post tomorrow and then I will be back on Sat. for Photo Hunt! I love blogging and I wonder how long I will last!!! Blessings ,Grams