Friday, November 30, 2007

Family Friday

It is a wonderful day to be alive. That is how I feel after today's field trip. I went with the little boy I am care taker for to a horse farm. A horse took a liking (or disliking) to me. He pushed me against a wall and and would let me move. Did I forget to mention I am terrified of horses.

As for what else I did this week. I address Christmas cards, finished decorating, and little Christmas shopping too.

Hubby borrowed a ladder to clean out our gutters and surprised me by hanging lights on our home. We look like we are ready for Jesus' birthday now. Hubby is also working 6 days a week. Then today he went to mom and dad's and did leaves.

Amanda is set now for Spring semester at college. Has her courses signed up and got her billing statement. She has grants that cover all her classes and books. She will still money left over for gas.

Can't say much for our son. I haven't heard from him all week. I'm guessing he is having computer problems. He has not been online.

Nikki and Steve are busy with boxes. Steve's works send out boxes of things to their employees. He gets things like laundry soap, dish soup, Toilet paper, paper towels... They are to get one box but there was a mix up and they got 10 boxes!

They also told us what the sex the baby is but I'm not allow to say yet. So those of you who say you read my blog waiting to hear will just have to wait till they give me the OK to share.

Mom and Dad are doing OK. This coming week they want Hubby and I to come out and put their Christmas tree up. Then they in turn will take us out to dinner.

Now it is time to go finish my Christmas letter that I send out each year.

3 comments: said...

My goodness! I bet you were scared to death!! That had to be just horribe! Horses are so big!!

Your house looks great with your tree! I have worked on Christmas card for Nancy my special needs daughter for a couple of days and on mine too!!
We are suppose to get freezing rain tonight!! But they said it will get up to 50 by noon! Love and Hugs Grams

Sharon said...

Mom sends out a New Years letter each year. She compiles everyones news and then sends it out by email.
Love the picture of your room and tree. THey are both beautiful.
I have three boxes of Christmas cards to address. I really need to get started. I think a new pen might help. I have a thing for smooth writing pens that are comfy. Maybe that will be the answer to my delay.:)

Denise said...

Such a beautiful tree, be blessed.