Friday, September 7, 2007

Family Friday

Time for our family update.

This week I have been killing box elder bugs. We have this box elder tree in our yard. I think I killed close to 1,000. The only thing other than expensive chemicals sprayed by a company that seems to work is a mixture of 1/2 water and 1/2 laundry soap. Our outside smells good. You spray the bug it crawls a little and dies. Well I'm tried of that so last night we made arrangements to have the tree cut down in a few week.
Monday we spent the day with our close friends and their puppies. John and Alan worked on their house and us gal did a little work. I did the least they found out I have a problem with tools and paint brushes.
Last night I heard some disturbing news and realized I'm not a good judge of people. I've been lied to many times and never knew it. By not knowing I was being lied to I ended up hurting nice people. I been deceived and it almost cost an non profit organization $1,000s of dollars. But thankfully others saw through that person in time.

John has had long hard days at work. He always has more work when the schools go back. It will take time to get back into the routine.
His sister stopped by Tuesday for a surprise visit.

Amanda is house sitting so it is just John and I at home. Quite house.
She still stops by for dinner. Classes seem to be going better for her. She doesn't have as much reading.

I haven't heard anything from our son except the car is working good.

Nikki and Steve are doing well. Only 5 months to go till baby arrives.

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