Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my world connection. I am thankful for my computer.

I use my computer for my ministry. I have a home base prayer chain. This prayer chain is done with emails. When someone has a need they contact me and I send out an email to about 100 people. These people are will to pray weather they know the person or not. On Sundays I send out a prayer list. This list has the most recent needs along with the on going prayer requests, like a child's drug problem, a love one in the arm forces or the salvation of someone. We also give the praise to God and rejoice with Him over answer prayer.

I use my computer to save money. I buy mostly books and with the amount of books I read and buy I'm glad the average price is $2. I also can look to see if my local library has a book I want to read and place it on hold. When we walk the dog at night we can stop by and pick the book up.

I earn some money for little extras by selling things on eBay. I've got to know some really nice people through eBay.

Another area my computer is a blessing is keeping in touch with family. My daughter lives 1 1/2 hours away in a different area code. To pick up a phone and call her every time something pops in my mind would be expensive. I can send her an email. We can share pictures over the email. We even talk over instance messenger from time to time. I still do talk with her on the phone once a week. I can even stay connect with family members in Wales, England.

My bible study groups know I love to Google. You can find just about any information by Googling. There are times at bible study someone will ask a question and no one knows the answer for sure I will Google the question and we have the answer in minutes.

So I am thankful God created the computer. It can be harmful but anything can if not use right. If the heart of the user is pure the computer is a blessing.

Side note I typed this entry once already and when I hit post there was a problem and I lost my whole entry I had to start over.

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