Friday, August 10, 2007

Family Friday

I going to start doing a Family Friday Blog. If anyone knows a link for Family Friday let me know. If not if anyone knows how to set up those links like "Thankful Thursday" let me know.

OK so my idea is to update everyone on what God is doing in our family on Fridays. here goes

Our youngest Amanda did lots of baby sitting and hanging out with friends. This week end she is house sitting for one of her clients.

Jason aka Whokey is ending his summer stay. He finished up work and house sitting for friends this week. He has plans to head back to Liberty Univ. this week end

Nikki and Steve are busy with the fireman carnival next to there house. Steve is a fireman so this is a big deal. Nikki asked her daddy to buy them a deep fryer on Monday and come Wednesday Daddy came through.

My parents are still mourning the death of their dog. I think they will be getting another pet after the trip to Canada in a few weeks. Mom wants a cat Dad wants a dog. I want a cat because when ever they go away or have health problems we get the pet.

John is just quite he usually has a hard time after going back to work after vacation.

I am still waiting on the date for my surgery. The gal who was to call me this week is out sick. I have to wait till nest week. I don't like not being in control and this is an area I can't control. I need to ask God for help. I completed my lesson for Bible study next Thursday. We are each taking a chapter till we get through Genesis.

I learned God wants me to wait and accept His timing and He is in control. I know I need to accept these things so I will work on that during the weeks to come. I have been asking God to show me where I need to improve and He sure is.

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