Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why Do You Go To Church

Today is Sunday and millions of people around the world went to church today. Why did they go to church today? Why did you go to church today? Do you go to church to be a Christian or because you are a Christian? Does Going to church make you a Christian? No, just because you go to church does not make you a Christian. Joyce Meyers has a saying "I could sit all day in the garage when I walk out that does not make me a car." Sitting in church does not make you a Christian.

You can be a christian and not go to church. I wouldn't recommend it though. You should be going to church for worship, fellowship, giving, serventhood, praising and biblical knowledge.

Do you know the people who most desperately need to be in church are not! The people that need to be in church are you neighbors, co-workers, friends and family who don't know the Lord on a personal level. So what are you going to do about it? I think we need to be very aware of who we are with and how we can be a testimony to them.

I once heard a speaker (not sure who) say do you know your neighbors needs? Do you like your neighbor? Do you say Hi to your neighbor? She made the habit of praying for her neighbors every time she sees them. I had a very "odd" neighbor at that time. I made the commitment to pray for that neighbor and her family every time I pulled into the driveway because when I got out of my car I would be looking at her house. I soon learned some very sad things about her life. We have talked on occasions. She knows I'm a christian and knows I pray for her. I don't know what her belief is but I do know she is thankful for my prayers.

I go to church so I can worship, fellowship, give, serventhood, praise and biblical knowledge. I can show my neighbors, friends, co-workers and family Christ in me.

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