Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mother's Memory Day

I'm having an emotional day. Mother's do from time to time I like to call Mother's memory day. My kids are growing up and the time has gone so fast.

This week end my son will be going back for his second year of college. He was always the comic of the family. I could count on him for a laugh when he was little. Of course he entered the age where he wouldn't talk much but he sure is coming around and to being a part of the family again. Our youngest daughter will be starting her second year of college on the 27th. She always had and still does have something to say. She loves to talk. She always set out to prove she may be small but she mighty. Then there is our oldest daughter married and expecting our first grandchild. She was our helper. She was willing to help with anything. She still is willing to try things and will help out when ever help is needed.

I would like to say to all mothers out there. Don't rush you children life. Don't get them over involved in things. Make time to play and explore with them. Before you know they will be leaving for college getting married and having their own children.

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Mark B. said...

Thanks for sharing the photos.
We didn't know you guys back then and I don't think I ever saw John with a moustache.