Saturday, July 7, 2007

What Do You Mean Salvation

Would you know how to answer if someone said to you "what do you mean salvation?" That is what was asked of my cousin and I today.

We were a graduation party for a family member. We were sitting around talking when one of the gals said to my cousin. I want to go to your church I always feel good when I leave." She said he her husband doesn't want to change churches. My cousin said it wasn't till she changed churches (as an adult) that she learned you don't go to heaven just because you do good works. It is through salvation. This took this gal by surprise too and said what do you mean salvation? My cousin and I took the time to explain you need to understand you have sin, Christ died for your sins, You ask for forgiveness and ask Christ into your heart. Without acknowledging Christ died for your sins you won't get into heaven. You have to acknowledging and invite Christ into your life.

It was interesting to overhear some comments being made in the back round as we shared. One gal said, all churches believe that. Well yes most churches do believe Christ died for the sins of the world but he died for your sins personally. You need to make it personal. One person comment was, you can't change some people they are set in their ways. No you can't but Christ can.

Would you be able to to share the gospel at a family setting where you only knew one 1/2 of the people? (Didn't know the other side of the family) Would you be able to handle yourself with assurance to why you are a christian? Could you defend why goods works don't get you into heaven? Are you willing to risk being put on the spot?
God sure is using me in so many ways now that I know I am truly obedient to his plan for my life. I'm glad I can answer with assurance.

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