Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday Reflections

Today was a beautiful day with the Lord. This afternoon our church had a baptism and 13 people made the public display of the their Christian walk. The testimonies we so neat to hear. All the different people who played a part in bring someone to Christ. One little girl around the age of 6 asked her older sister (around 9)How to accept Christ. What a wonderful bond among sisters. Several shared how mom and dad and many grandparents played and important part. The church was also huge in bring some to the Lord. There was gal who esp. touched me and she shared how she was involved in witchery and came to know the Lord. Praise God for His Kingdom and all of us are rejoicing.

So on a personal note I've realized today I am OK with people hugging me. I never was one for hugs after an incident in high school. I got to the point a few years ago my close girlfriends could hug me but when others hugged me I would stiffen up. Well there is this one guy who my husband and I just adore. He loves to give us hugs and I usually get a kiss on the cheek. Today at church I opened a door and there he was. I went to hug him first. Afterwards I thought to myself, Wow I no longer stiffen when people hug me! I guess I am feeling comfortable with myself and men hugging me.

On a funny note. At the baptism I was holding a plate of food talking to the pastors wife. A lady comes walking by and bumps my elbow and my plate spills. The lady stops and looks at me and says "did I do that? I don't even know you." I said I don't' know you either my name is Sandi. We talked a little bit and then I said what is your name. The Pastors wife says, "This is our new asst. pastor's wife Helen." I guess she found a way to remember me. We laughed about it. The funny thing is I had a white shirt on and all the food missed me even though the plate dumped towards me.

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