Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Storm Of Words

Last night we had a violent thunderstorm go through parts of the area. It was amazing to see how some area didn't get rain, some had heavy rain and others had the heavy rain and damaging wind. We had one friend who had a tree fall on their house and now have a whole in the roof and a rafter that was broken in the attic. So even though they did not cause this storm they have lots of work to do. They needed to call the insurance company, clear the tree of the electric wires before darkness settled. They cut the tree up but now need to haul it away. Today they are covering the whole up till a roofer can come and replace the roof. All this work when just 2 about 2 miles north they had no side of a storm.

This storm for some reason had me thinking about words. Words that people say. I have a relative who will speak with out thinking or seek God's guidance. What she doesn't see is the different degree of damage it causes and to whom it causes the damage. She is completely unaware of the results her word cause. I for one am battling some health concerns and am told to avoid all stress. Well to do that I can't take her phone calls right now. So my family is reviewing the answering machine. I still hear them talking amongst each other about what is going on. But with some work and the Lord's help to de-stress I'll get through this storm.

The person also is so concerned about making herself sound good what she doesn't realize she is putting other people down in the process. As she says things I see the hurt look in others eyes but she is unaware of the damage she is causing.

I think the worst of her word of storms are happening in herself. She is so self centered and worried about being perfect she doesn't realized the harm she is causing herself.

The few times I do get to talk with her I keep re-instating she needs to get herself to church and only care what God thinks. She feels that is to much work. Well to clear the storms from our lives we need to make the effort to clean up our life. God will help provide to tools we need we just need to ask him.

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