Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today I just have to say I'm thankful for take-out. My family is more than thankful if that is possible. I'm sure you are thing how can that be but I just can't cook. I've been married 25 years and well cooking is not one of my thing. As a friend of my recently informed me I'm domestically challenged.

I thankful my family has a sense of humor when I cook. They just laugh when I tried to feed them Indian corn, who knew you don't cook Indian corn. Well the laughter wasn't there when I was making gravy and it exploded and the grease went into the aquarium and killed all the fish. But they do laugh when I attempt to make microwaveable meals and the chicken comes out like a hard black rock. I'm thankful they like take out because it is what feeds them several nights a week. Even if it wasn't the plan as meal preparation began.

I'm thankful for prepackage food you don't have to cook. The already to eat jello is a God sent to me. Jello just doesn't set it stay watery. The Lunch-ables were great when my girls need a lunch for band trips every week end. Things like cereal and cookies are a staple in my house.

I thankful for all the friends who invite us to eat with them. I'm thankful people who come to our house to eat don't mind we just order take-out. I even have once close friend who tries to teach me to cook. We have such great laughs. Did you know they make chicken broth and you can buy in the store!


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