Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I met with a friend this week and asked if I could use her idea of Thankful Thursday only to learn it is a widely use idea. So I am going to have Thankful Thursdays on my blog now.

I could start out with the obvious of being thankful for family, friends, church..... and I am thankful for them however I want to be write about something else I am thankful for.

I'm thankful God has made me a reader. Some people just don't care to read but I just love going on an adventure. I've been to places in the world for free or very little cost that most people spend a months wages on. I have met people who have changed my life. I've cried, laughed and yes I get angry at the people in my books. I remember one time I was so mad at one of the characters I throw the book down and said they are just so dumb. My daughter reminded me I'm just reading a book and to get "a grip on it". I've grown in knowledge. I get wisdom from books and I also see the beauty God created this world to be.

I read mostly christian books but do read some other types too. I read adventure, romance, informational, study book, magazines, devotionals, and of course God's Word to me The Bible. The most unlikely book to find me reading is a cookbook but I won't go there today.

So I want to Thank my Heavenly Father for blessing me with a love for reading.

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SharonB said...

Sandi- Welcome to Thankful Thursday! The idea originated with Iris over at Sting My Heart...I love it!