Sunday, July 22, 2007

Take Time To Say Hello

Today I want to encourage you to make a difference in some one's life. Who life can I encourage you may wonder? Well lately I have become more open to this.

If I am walking in town and see a postman I always say hello and either ask how his day is going or complement him in some way (wow you do a good job holding all that mail I would drop it.) This will open them up to talk and we often laugh about something.

What about at a store. Most stores have greeters now. Say hello, ask about their day, or comment on the weather. Once again this open up to conversation.

This week end our area had a special event at the local park. So they had a fire policemen handling traffic. These men are there from 8:00 AM till about 11:00 PM. When I went over in the morning, I said hello and commented on the nice weather compared to past years. We got to talking about weather and I slipped in "it is so awesome all the different types of day God creates." We had a nice conversation about God and how he makes thing unique.

Friday when I was with my aunt walking around for sidewalk sales she commented to me about how I talk to people like this. She say usually when she walks by they have blank expressions but thought it was nice I could make them laugh. I guess it breaks up a day that can seem boring.

Next time you are out and about take time to talk with people. Brighten their day, encourage them. Who knows what God might have you talk about.

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