Monday, July 23, 2007

Saying Goodbye to Penny

Today's blog is a memorial to Penny. Penny is/was my parents black Labador dog. We had her put to sleep today because of her health. She had cancer and could no longer stand up. I went with my mother to take Penny to the vet's office. On the way down I got to talk to her about the bible. You see I have this friend who loves animals so much when ever we are talking about Noah's Ark. She will bring up how can God only take two of each kind and leave all those other innocent animals to die. I use this to tell my mom how we don't always know what God has planned for us or the ones we love but God's way is always the best. If the flood didn't happen this world would be more corrupt than it is already.

Penny was my dad's companion. My dad worried about her all the time. When ever my dad's health would fail we would get a call, not about my dad really but to make sure they dog was taken care of. You see Penny loved my husband John. I'd be jealous but she is a dog. Penny loved John so much my parents would have to spell J-O-H-N when talking about asking him coming to do work. (John is also their handyman and is at their house at least once a week working) When my dad would be admitted to the hospital, John would go out to spend time with Penny or would bring Penny back here to the house.

Penny would come on vacation to our house when ever my parents went on vacation. She loved being here with Kaci, Fred and Wil. Penny is black just like the cats. When they were kittens I remember one of them was laying next to Penny and I couldn't find him. There was also the time we took Penny along when we took Kaci for her nightly walk. We walked about 20 minutes and Penny sat down in the road and wouldn't move. She was tired. John had to walk Kaci home and come back with the car. Penny jumped right in the car.

Penny was also different because she had dessert every night after dinner. Penny would get two gum drops and if you forgot to give her the gum drops she would sit by the candy dish till you would remember.

Penny was a great friend and a wonderful dog she is already missed by many of us in the family.

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