Monday, July 2, 2007

Take Our Problems Away NOT

I've just finished reading Joyce Meyers book THE PENNY. It is about her life during her teen years.
Near the end of the book was a quote that seemed to stick out to me.

"God doesn't always make something go away because we pray. When we pray he often give us the strength to stand up to it."

This became more of an eye opener to me this week end. I have a relative who is involved in drugs and his parent and I often talk about how he keeps getting picked up by the police but seems to walk away without consequences. We've been praying for healing for his drug problem. In other words the drugs would go away.
I was sharing this with a friend whose daughter has been in this same situation. She said to me "I'll pray the authorities can somehow step in" It made me think she is not asking for the drug problem to just go away but that the authorities do something.

Well this morning I find the authorities did do something. This person is being held in jail because of robbery.
God hasn't made the problem go away but sure is giving the parent strength to go on during their day. The parent said "Not sure how I feel" but also said yesterday "I know if something happens I'm not to blame because he made is own choices." This parent has some much strength in my eyes to endure this. I am so proud of them for hold strong so the guy gets help he needs.

So it is true God doesn't always take our problems away but uses them to strengthen us.

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