Sunday, July 1, 2007

Are You Missing Out

God is really make me move future into my uncomfortable zone. Today my husband and I decided we would go to Sunday School. We had gone to the new members class in the past but never really connected into a Sunday School class. We decided to give the INTERACTIVE conversation class a try.

I chose changing the service we attend to the 9:00 service for church so we could go to the 10:30 class. I did this because I thought I would feel comfortable with Bob Briggs since I got to know him on the 2006 mission trip. No offence to Tom Hall I'm sure he is just as good a teacher I just wanted the comfort zone.
God had other plans. There were us and two other couple who I do not know and did not make an effort to get to know yet. But there were about 18 young people between the ages of 15 and 26. So as the class is starting I felt I blew this one I was so uncomfortable.

Now we go back to the first name of the class INTERACTIVE. That meant we all had to take part. Bob is good at this he called on each of us at least once. The first time he asked me to define something I was so nervous I could hear my voice shaking. As everyone started taking turns I felt more at ease and opened up to share "You must know your weaknesses" I shared one of my weakness on how if I turn the news on early morning I can get hooked to the news and before I know it my devotion time is gone and I haven't given my day to the Lord.

I realized I was missing out on so much because of my comfort zone fears. I would encourage everyone to take the step and go to a Sunday School class. It will be a blessing and spiritual growth. God wants this for all of us.

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