Friday, June 29, 2007

A Women's Purse

Today I had a doctors appt. We got to talking about women and why do they carry such heavy purses. First let me state this doctor is a man. We talked about what I carry in my purse. It is a large purse and heavy purse. I carry things like: wallet, keys, cell phone, bottle of water, calendar, paper, pens, comb, a few medical things, a pocket bible and on this day the book I'm currently reading. I'm sure there are things I don't remember but if I need it I would remember it was there.

Then this afternoon I went with my almost 20 yr. old daughter to Bath to get gas where it is 45 cents cheaper. I looked at her purse and wondered how does she fit a wallet, keys and her cell phone in it. It is so small.

It isn't often you see young girls with heavy purses. It is the more mature women who carries they heavier purse.

That got me to thinking how a purse is like our Christian walk. New Christian start our small memorizing verses and changing their life in small ways as they learn more and more about God their lives start changing.

The mature christian has memorized more verses and their life is changing in bigger ways. The mature christian wants to or should be more prepared. She may not remember all she knows but it comes to her if she needs it.

So it is with women and their purses. The mature women knows more and wants to be more prepared. We need to nurture they young christian so their purse to will become heavier.

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