Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stepping Out

Yesterday the Lord asked me to step out of my comfort zone again. I had to go to Walmarts to get a travel supply of medicine for my husband. As I was walking into the store up ahead of me was the pastor's wife of our former church. Now I've been told by someone who still attends and is very close to me that she still has a lot of hurt she is dealing with. So I send up a pray "Lord if we are to meet let my words be your words." She didn't see me since I was behind her. I went and dropped of my request for meds. I turned and headed off to fill the 25 minute wait by wondering through the store.

As I went up the first ile, I see a very dear friend I haven't seen in over a year. We did some catching up and I shared about our mission trip. Her reply was let me pray for you right now! So we stood in Walmarts, Debbie, her two daughters and I holding hands and praying! I doubt a few weeks ago I would have done this. I felt so comfortable and blessed.

Later as I shared this shopping event at home, my daughter says "were people watching? Were they looking at you funny? I'm glad I wasn't there." My reply to her was "I don't know my eyes were closed" But inside of me I was saying "not long ago I would be concerned with just those things. How did I not dwell on them?" The answer is simple. I took the next step in my Christian walk. Just Sunday I told God I will Step out in faith. I committed my life to be used for God's glory and that means stepping out of my comfort zone.

Now back to shopping and God handled the pastor's wife. We never did meet up and I felt bad about that but I know it is all in God's plan.

I also praise God for how he filled my time in a store. I have a tendency to buy things I don't need and spend far more money then I should.

I would like to ask you too to pray for me as Saturday I leave for a mission trip to WV (16-23). Please pray that I make a different in the lives of the people I meet. Pray that God's present and words flow from me all week long.

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