Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Saying Good Bye

Today was a hard day for me. It was my last day as childcare provider. I would guess over the years I cared for at least 50 children in my home. I don't know yet what the Lord has planned for me at this time. Maybe it will be child care again, some completely new adventure or just being free to give more of me to those you need it. I am praying daily for God's direction.

I will miss this last group of children as they are moving to Boston. The Lord has used me greatly in their lives. I love watching the 1 and 2 year old sing bible songs with the motions. A 4 year old accepted Christ. I got to teach them about my wonderful Friend Jesus.
A mother who is very close to accepting Christ too.

This week the 4 year old taught me a song I will teach you.
Sing it to the tune of B-I-N-G-O

There is a name I love to hear
And Jesus is the name O
And Jesus is his name O

So I sit here now as my daughter, the neat freak (I'm being nice) of our family is rushing around the house packing up all the daycare things and putting them in the attic. I try not to let the tears fall for I know the Lord has a beautiful plan for them and me.

Oh the good thing, the family moving back to Boston and grandpa owns a very nice hotel. They have invited us to come stay at the hotel for either free or $25 a night. We will take them up on the offer, maybe next spring.

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