Friday, June 22, 2007

I can see clearly now

Don't let the title fool you I still don't have my glasses so I can't promise this will not have many typos.

I've woke up early today and decided I needed to have a talk with God. So I thought what better place than this very old church over looking the town. As I walked out the door there was the thick fog. Now what you need to understand I was here last year for a full week and took this walk many times. I keep hearing about these two beautiful crosses but I never found them. Well back to today, and remember yesterday blog. As I walked I was once again asking God to tell me what is the meaning from yesterdays boat ride. As I got closer I saw this HUGE tower and at the top was a BIG cross. Well the tears started because I was fully in present. The thought that entered my mind was "I can see clearly now" Then I heard him say "I want you in children ministry" I was foolish enough to say "but God we don't have the money for that I need a job." I turned my head slightly and saw another cross lite up and God said, "I'll pull you out when you feel like you are drowning, trust me child."

I felt a wonderful peace come over me. More than I can describe. When I get back home I'm going to talk with my pastor and see where this Wild Ride takes me.

Keep praying

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Sharon said...

Hey Sandi so glad you are ok! I have an idea too- about children's ministry! Don't know if you'd be interested but I've been praying for somone. We need someone for Thurdsay's Bible study- we want to develop an entires children's program to that the children aren't just being "babysat". If it works our for you call me!