Friday, June 22, 2007

Baby Catherine

There are 3 churches part of the Lehigh Valley group here, Carpenters, Cornerstone, and First Baptist Pburg. There are also a few other families here this week. One family that I want to talk about it Rob and Lorie from Richmond VA. They have 3 little girls the youngest is 5 months old. Last night the 5 month old(She is down syndrome) became very ill. Except for the grace of God she is alive today. Her temp spiked at 105 with breathing rate of 200 breath a minute. She also has a whole in her heart. They did not know if she would make when they left for the hospital. About 5 adults left with them around 9:00 PM and the remainder of us got together and prayed here. It was so awesome to young and old pray. The littles to the oldest was praying. The first hospital was not equip to handle an infant. There was also have a deadly car accident the hospital was dealing with. They wanted to air lift the baby to better care but because of the fog they could not. So it wasn't till 2:00 AM an ambulance with a train staff arrived. It took them till 4:00 to get the baby to a hospital with better care. They baby's temp went down to 101 by now.
Back at the dorm the Bennet family stepped in took the two little sisters in with them for the night.
Rob came to our meeting tonight to share with an update. The baby is back to normal but will need to stay in the hospital till at least Monday. He thanked us all for our prayers and said last night the hospital was so touched by our group of people not only were they praying for this baby but the were praying for the accident victims. He said as he looked around he had seen some of the hospital staff praying with us. The wanted to thank the Cornerstone gang for stepping up and taking care of his older girls so they could be with the baby(I'm sure any of the groups here would have stepped up the same). We are taking the girls back as far a Quackertown tomorrow. You see that is where their grandparents live. God puts us where he needs us. The grandparents are excited to see the girls and help out. He knows it is in God's hand and is so thankful this group was with him.
Please be praying for little Catherine and her family. Pray for us for safe travel home tomorrow. We are hoping to arrive back around 5:00 PM

God has worked in so many many ways and over the next few weeks I will share what I've learned so keep reading

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Anonymous said...

How awesome, how magnificant is our Great God!
Thank you, Sandi, for sharing your faith and encouraging all of us through your blog.