Sunday, June 24, 2007

Simple Words

So I'm thinking a lot about things that went on during the mission trip. One of the events caused me to think how often it happens and we are clueless. I over saw the VBS program and did the opening each day. Before I would dismiss the children to go to their stations I would ask them to fold their hand and bow their head we are going to pray. Then I would pray for the day.
I then would do some administrative work. When I was free I would sit with the kids and help with crafts. On Wednesday one little girl asked me "What is pray?" We talked for about 15 minutes. I explained it is another way of saying talking to Jesus. I think she is close to making a decision to giving her life over to Christ.

I was thinking wow the people down here really need us to explain God to them. I was telling Deanna this today at church. She said she was asked the same thing at their VBS too. So this isn't a cultural thing at all.

What this means is when we talk to people esp. the young children we need to make sure they understand ALL biblical words we use. How often do we do this and not even think. Maybe you say something like "in scripture or in the Bible, what about when we say God's word says." Children may not the know understand and we just figure they do. So next time you are teaching children or just talking to them ask questions to see if they understand.

Speaking of children as I was writing this blog I got a great surprise and I had a hard time keeping focus. I am going to be a grandmother for the first time come the beginning of February.

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Toni said...

We are glad you, John and the entire Mission Team are back home safe. I am very blessed by everything the Lord did, thru all of you, for the people of Phillipe. Your blog updates were so special, it made me pray more :)
Glad to hear your wonderful news, too :) Love you guys,
Toni (and Bruce too)