Monday, June 4, 2007

The Heart of a Child

Many of you know for 22 years now I have done child care in my home. I have even baby sat for second generation! That is coming to an end soon. Not of my choice, one family is moving to Boston and the other will be going to school in the fall. You see I currently provide child care for school teachers.

It often amazes me the children I cared for over the years only a few had come from Christian homes. I've come to relize God is using me in the lives of the children and their families. Here are just a few way God has changed lives.

About 15 years ago I agreed to allow our church to hold a back yard bible club at my home. This way I could let all the kids attend. A six year old accepted Christ toward the end of the week. With in a week his mother came to know the Lord also.

We would also do little service projects over the summer as my own children were growing up. We handed out flyers in the neighborhood and invite families to come to church or a special event at church.

Two little boys were from an unhealthy home life. The oldest boy I taught if he is ever scared or feeling lonely to talk to Jesus because Jesus loves him and will always be with him.

This year as I am preparing to lead VBS on a mission trip I am teaching the children the stories and songs. One of the 4 year olds accepted Christ into her life during a walk. Her favorite song we sing is Awesome Guy. You may know the song as Awesome God. She sings "Our God is an awesome guy he reins for heaven above."

Then just today I noticed the 15 month old know all the motions to all 8 songs.

The inocent of a child understands how easy it is to trust in Jesus. Why do we as adults make it so complecated some times.

I will miss the children greatly. If anyone knows of a school teacher or someone look for part time childcare please let me know.

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