Monday, June 18, 2007

God Is God; God Is Fun

God is so awesome in his work here. If you would of told me 2 years ago I would be on my second mission trip I would of laughed at you. I use to say missions isn't my thing. Well I've been reading my bible over the years and Missions is everyone thing.

God is so awesome I don't think I can full express the joy He is giving me this week so far. My cup runneth over. Tonight at bible study we had some fun, learning, tears and rejoicing. Dean Wildasin continued speaking on the book of Esther. He gave a fun review of Old Testament history.

Jay from Carpenters and Zoraida Bennett shared their testimonies. Zoraida has a true gift for speaking and a life changing story to share.

Tomorrow night Joe Burley is sharing his testimony. Joe is a fun guy. He and Dan Young are mentoring 4 year old David in our group. So tonight David sat between Joe and I. Joe was going to keep David quite during Dean's message. Well David found his bible challenge paper from VBS in his pocket. Joe asked to see it. Joe put the paper in his mouth chewed it, drank water and swallowed it. Little David just sits there and loudly announces he ate my paper! Later we found out Joe also ate a left according to David.

The girls are loving having David and Ethan Bennett to hold and play with. The little boys just love the girls.

As for the girls many of them got dirty on the job sites and we have a surprise for them tomorrow. You see they were told Friday they could either help Kacy Kugal with a community sports day or wash the floors and walls of the community center. After most of them told Kacy they would help with sports I found out they will be doing the washing tomorrow. Check back tomorrow for how they react to their surprise.

As you can see my blog is to give God Glory this week and update family and friends who are at home praying.

Please pray for one man in our group who is having a spiritual battle this week.
Pray for the children as they will be giving a change to accept Christ on Friday.
Thanks for praying for my dad. I just now remembered his heart concern. I never heard anything so I'm guess that is a good sign but I will make a note to call him tomorrow.

God Be with you all and good night.

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gumby1 said...

Thanks for keeping us posted.
This is all very interesting.
Like having our own field reporter.
Will check for updates.