Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm connected

Hi everyone
After many hours I am finally online. I got to work with computer lab this afternoon at the college.

We all arrived safely but with many stories to tell. I think everyone who sees John Mahorsky and John Lavdar needs to asked them about LouLou's.

I need to thank Cornerstone for pushing me into my uncomfortable zone a few weeks ago. For info on that Sunday read my last blog.

I decided I would mostly talk with the community people this year. It is truly a blessing. We are meeting many of the people we worked with last year. When we walked into church Sunday morning some of the children came running to hug the gals they met through VBS last year. It brings tears to our eyes.

Today was the first day of VBS. We are on a Wild Ride this year. We had 53 children WOW. We at one point were told we would have between 20-40. God is so good.

We have a few very young children who came on the trip with us. One little boy who is with his grandparents is 4. His life story is the same as some of the life stories we are hearing of the people we are ministering to. This little boy is bonding with the college boys that on the trip too. They are teaching him how to play baseball in the evenings something that a Dad should do but his isn't around. I think they are training him to be a power hitter for Cornerstone in a few years. I understand the ball was hit up to the roof of this 3 story building. John M climbed up after it.

The men and a few gals are working hard on homes in the community. We are all being very blessed.

Please be praying the community people will come out the the picnic this Wednesday night.

Check back tomorrow I think I can update daily now.

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