Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Hug

Today at VBS the craft was making a stuff bear. One for yourself and one for a child in Africa. The children were being taught that even at their age they can be missionaries like all their new friends are teaching VBS this week. As I walked over to see how they were doing, one little girl about the age of 5 said, "I gave the bear a hug before I put it in the bag because I want to give the little girl who gets the bear a hug." OK so it brings tears to my eyes to see how the children are understanding God who asks us to have a servant heart and to show compass.

So often we are asked to make donation for a mission trip. For example I asked at church for books. Did those of you how gave books and there were many, think of giving a book a hug? Did you pray for the child who would be holding the book? If you said yes you are here with us ministering to the children. If you didn't say a pray now and you are with us. So often we don't do what we think is the little things or we think it is "dumb" but it is those little things that make a big difference.

Today we had 58 children. Every child came back and we add a few more. We are so busy in the morning 3 hours seems like 30 minutes.

Oh little David, he told me this morning that he wants to share Jesus with Joe and Dan in the court yard while they play baseball tonight after meeting. You will have to check back tomorrow to see if he had his chance.

The community people are opening their homes to us. Several families have invited some of us over for "sweet tea" and to have a chat.

Keep praying for the workers who are very tired at the end of the day. The heat is bad and they don't get indoors. We had very few injuries, just minor cuts and bumps.

My father's heart's surgery was rescheduled till July 19th PTL I can be with him.

A Hug to all

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