Saturday, May 19, 2007

Enjoy the Quite

Why can't people enjoy the quite? Today I went for my summer pedicure. Sparking blue polish for those of you who I know will ask. I was relaxing in the chair and letting my thought reflect on God, and the gal, after about 5 minutes says would you like a magazine? I said no I'm enjoying the quite. A few minutes later she says, Would you like me to have them turn the music up so we can hear it? Once again I said no, I'm enjoying the quite. God prompted me to ask her if she enjoys the quite. She says no she likes music or a TV on all the time. Then she says to me why do you enjoy the quite. I said, because it is in quite times I can feel God directing me. She then wanted to know how can one feel God direct them. I told her about how I read God's words, listen to sermons and messages and then when all is quite I can sit and think about them as I talk to God in my thoughts. So often I will feel God leading me in one direction or another. We had a nice conversation about God. Then I went back to my quite time and I felt God saying to me "well done."

Do you enjoy the quite time. Are you one who knocks on the door, state your business and then run on with your life or do you stay quite and listen to what God wants. Just something to think about.

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