Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Why does every family have at least one EGR or extra grace required person. You know the person who just seems to bug you at family gathering. They may act odd or think odd or even look odd. I believe God puts these people in our lives to teach us. The longer we spend with them the more important God is trying to get through to us. Recently siblings and I put together a 50th anniversary party for my parents. We have an in-law who believes it is her way or no way. She also tries to make sure her children sound the best. I tried to stand up for the things my parents asked me to but I came to the conclusion it just isn't worth it. So I went to my parents and said we just have to let her have her way or the siblings might end up not speaking, that just isn't worth it. They agreed they don't want us fighting. So we gave the party and I can say I had so much fun and so did my parents. I didn't have to sit at the same table with the EGR person so I was relaxed and just didn't care. I doubt any of the guest knew of the problems we dealt with.

Isn't that the way our christian walk should be. We have to just say this isn't worth breaking friendships. As long as it doesn't go against God's word let go of it and just enjoy yourself.

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