Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ruin Walls

Today our Pastor started his new series on Nehemiah by asking "Are the walls in your life ruin?" My hubby and I just had to look at each other.  Even though he said he didn't mean the wall of your home our minds went there.  Just the day before 6 wonderful men from our church came over to empty out our basement of it stuff and tear down a few walls.  My hubby was told by his surgeon our basement is making him sick.    So we need to address our walls.   We had no idea our pastor had other walls for us to address!

For the past 20 years in this home we saw our walls down there as smooth and a nice color that our children choose.  Sure we see the little black dot but would take some bleach and clean it off. 

Pastor was asking are the walls in my life in ruin?  My wall could be any area of my life.  Of course God brought an area to mind, he is so good that way.  As I listened and took notes I kept comparing his message to my basement wall.  Yes my life is colorful and smooth (at least that is what I want people to see and I want to believe).  Every now and then a spot  shows up on the outside but I quick to cover it up.   It isn't will I take down the outer  layer and insulation that I see all the mold hiding in masses on the wall.  Now I need to do some major clean up both in the basement and the area God brought to my mind.   I need to call on God and cling to my faith to get me though this.  I don't know if it is just me but in my picture of the wall of mold I can see a cross in the back round.  Woooo God you are speaking to me.  

I need to let my faith in God bring me comfort and restore me, my ruin wall in my life.   I take comfort in know once I live though this I can be there for someone else who is suffer the same.  

I won't say this is going to be easy.  I also know my Pastor well and if he is going to be in Nehemiah it may take a year to get though it so on the way home from church we stopped at Wies and bought stress medicine.