Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fear Of The Unknown

Don't we all get fearful of the unknown from time to time?   Last summer I had surgery that left 4 scars on my tummy.  From time to time one them will still bother me and I will rub it.  The one that bothers me the most is right where the snap to my jeans are.   I often wear an under shirt so the snap doesn't rub.   The other day I was rubbing this spot and I felt a hard lump.  Right away my thoughts go to what could be wrong with me now?   You see I had so many medical problems last year.  A total of 9 different forms x-rays, health issues with tummy, allergies, H1N1, head injury, back injury, pneumonia, sinus, breathing, and the every lasting cough.   So I just started going there again when I felt this lump.   I really didn't want my 2011 to be repeat of last year with medical issues.  After obsessing for several minutes I decided I better go have a look.   I go in the bathroom and pull up my shirt and what do I see........  A piece of cookie dropped down my shirt and was sticking there. 

After I finished laughing I got to thinking how often we do this in our lives.   We hear, see or don't see something and we start playing out the worst cases in our mind.  A speaker once said every time her husband would be late coming home for dinner she had him dead and trying to figure out how she would survive.  A large number of women in that room agreed.  Where is God in these situations?  He is right next to us but we don't seem to see Him.   In stead of thinking what might be think about what is.   God is!  So have a look or wait with God till there is the answer.  God will walk you though what ever it is.   One thing I noticed.  No matter what it is God doesn't do thing the way we think.  I love looking back at problem and saying "Wow God I wouldn't have done it that way.  This is awesome."

When you feel you have no control, you'll become aware that God has the reins.