Friday, October 8, 2010

God's Hand

Did you ever give thought to God's hands? What do they look like? Recently on the TV show Dancing With Stars one of the judges said a star has hands as big as a frying pan. I've come to think God has these huge hands that cover mine. I didn't always think that way.

Each morning when I rise and as I am doing my hair I recite this little saying to God. "Lord I'm at the start of a new day, make it fresh in every way. So God I come to you to ask your blessing and renew me too. I know each day I'm not on my own, You take my hand, hold it tight so I'll never have to walk alone."

I was sharing this with someone recently and telling her when thing get tough I visualize my hand closing around God's. Her response was "Are you holding His hand or is He holding yours?"

Oh NO there it is. They are two entirely different things. I had to omit I'm a controller so I was holding His hand. You see I could let go when I think my life is going smoothly and would only have to grasp it in the hard times.

Being in the child care business I related it to the one little boy I watch. We often go for walks. He loves the freedom of not holding my hand and I let him go on our quite back streets but if we need to cross a street or are walking along a busier road he knows he must hold my hand.

I'm that child with God. I like my freedom to explore but I know when life is busy I need to grab his hand. However with God that is not the way it truly is. God always has a hold of my hand. I now need to reprogram myself to God is holding My hand.

I think Mandisa says it well in her song "He Is With You"

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