Friday, June 25, 2010

Toilet Water

People often tell us we have great accommodations for a mission trip. I do agree but we are put to the test these last few days. Yesterday, Kris, Jamie & Jessica noticed the ceiling leak in Kirs's room and the hall ceiling was wet. The room above them the carpet was wet. This morning John woke up to a floor by his bed and Tucker who is above us said their carpet in the back bedroom is wet. John didn't think our ceiling looked wet but when the maintenance came this morning they said our ceiling is wet and the AC was drying it. John then tells me he just thought his bed was damp every night because the AC was running.

What John didn't know is he was sleeping in toilet water at night! Yes you read that right. So the guys dried the floor and turned off the water around 8:00. It is now 2:00 and they are no where around and we can't use the toilets. They just don't flush. Nothing goes down. I guess that is why the water is still off. The thing is it isn't just our 4 rooms no one has water.

So parents and friends be prepared we are coming back home smelly tomorrow if this continues.

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Sharon Brumfield said...

Ewwww! gross!
I do hope the problem got fixed...I think I would have liked to go on thinking I was sleeping in air conditioner overflow.
Safe travels!