Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Well there a reason I didn't post last night and you'll read about that at the end of this blog.

Yesterday start out great. We just about doubled the number of kids we had at VBS from the previous day. The energy level was very high. Today is our day off so we will see the kids again tomorrow.

After VBS came back to the dorm and then Dean and Wink arrived. They are two from our group who could leave on Saturday. We were so happy to see them. Dean battles with Cancer and is one of the nice guys a person could know. He is rooming with us and brought so much laughter to our dorm. (If you didn't know we are staying on a college campus in real nice dorms. There are 3 bedrooms and sitting room some have a kitchen in the sitting room.)

Our dinner was a community cook out. Ok here is where I admit I'm directionally challenge and people found out how far I drove the other day before I realized I'm going the wrong way. Yes I can read a map but we don't have one here, it is the driving that confusses me.

After the picnic we came back to the dorms and a group gathered in our sitting area to chat. The lights flickered off and came back rather quickly. However a short time later all the fire alarms in all the rooms in a part of campus went off. So we exit. I'm on the ground floor so that was easy. I must people exit fast and with no confussion. That is where we learned a tranformer burnt out. As it turn out some areas had electric and others did not. We had no power in one bedroom and the bathroom. Another group had no power in the kitchen but did in all the bedrooms then their was the room with all teens and one adult. Then didn't have power in any room. We also had no internet service last night so that is the reason there was no post.

Last night while standing outside I learned all and more than I needed to know about electrical things. Thank you John Kugal. I can see how you love talking about your work. You are like my John and machanical things.

To let everyone know my friend Reggie's quad by pass surgery went well. Thank you for your prayers.

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