Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Different Kind Of Church

Yesterday was our day off. That means we can do things as a group to build ourselves up. Most of the group when canoeing. They had a great time they tell me. A few did work on homes but not many. I along with 2 others went to a museum and then out for a nice lunch. Then in the evening it was time for Wednesday night church. We visit the church of the families we are doing work for. This is where it got interesting.

So we go to this church that had about 10 people with our 40 that increased attendance. On a Sunday they have about 30 people. They were so welcoming. I think the most welcoming of any church down here we ever attended. Then they pray. They all pray. They pray at the same time. They pray our loud there own personal prayers. It truly sounded like you were at an auction. John being who he is whispers "sold" Now we are all fighting not to laugh because were thinking the same thing but we knew to keep quite. Just looking at each other trying not to laugh made us want to laugh more. After many minutes the prayers stop and the "Blue grass" music start. Let's just say you don't have to sing on key to sing a solo at this church and leave it at that.
Then this very nice lady gets up and starts leading her bible study on Revelations. We were thinking she might be the pastor but not sure. See down here if you want to be a pastor and have your own church you got it. No need for any type of schooling. We didn't agree on all they believe but we agree their is only one way to heaven and that is though Jesus Christ.
After bible study she announces now we will have testimony from our guests. Well that took us by surprise. We didn't know we would be doing the sharing. So the lead work site persons just shared what they were doing and for who. That was followed by the families thanking them.
Church was over and they treated us to ice cream.

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